In-person workshops/pranayama course

After 18 months of only teaching online, I held my first in-person workshop in my home studio this past weekend. The three-dimensional space is very different. It was exciting to see people working ‘together’ again, although I feel a sincere connection is happening in my online classes. People do inspire and support each other on many levels in person. I plan to hold these regularly. In fact, the next scheduled workshops are October 23 and 30 at 3pm. If you are in the area, vaccinated, and have a year or two at least of Iyengar Yoga experience, you should come. Contact me for more information.

In other news, I am hosting an online series that focuses on Pranayama – specifically Light on Pranayama. We will cover a range of material over six weeks, on Tuesdays at 9am, beginning on 10/19. Those enrolled in the series will also receive links to recordings.

My other online classes continue as usual for the rest of the fall.

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