Fall is almost here. I keep postponing making grand fall announcements, and I comfort myself by saying, “It’s not _really_ fall yet” – of course, I’m the only one in on the conversation. I mean that literally. My wife tells me she hears me talking to myself a lot.

The Iyengar Institute of New York was on track to reopen in one way, but now it is on track (with much more certainty) to open in a slightly different one. Originally, we were scheduled to go back in the Brooklyn space in August at full capacity, the caveat being that the classes will be hybrid. I have not yet taught hybrid, meaning, in this case, that the class is both for live students in the room and students online simultaneously. I am not excited about the idea, but originally planned to do it because, well, it gives some people a chance to take class in person. I don’t think it’s ideal. The people in the room are likely to receive less or no adjustments or prop-specific setups that the people watching online cannot accommodate. But more to the point: the people at home are likely to get a lot less attention. More recently, concern over variants lead the Institute to revise the reopening plan to be strictly masked (including teachers) with a limit of 12 students in person per class. Given that many of the students who take class with me on my regular Friday class through IYAGNY are from out of state, or live far enough away that they wouldn’t likely make the trip, it didn’t seem worth it at this time to change formats. That said, I am teaching a Beginners Series for students new to Iyengar Yoga at the Iyengar Institute of Brooklyn. The class is the first three Saturdays in November. Capacity is limited to 12 in-person, or you can take it online. I agreed to this one because I think that brand new students will feel more confident with some in-person classes to get them going. These classes have to be booked through the Institute’s website, but it hasn’t been listed at the time I am writing this.

My online schedule is staying pretty much the same for now, though I may add one early morning class or one early evening class later this fall. I am also hosting (planning to, anyway) a couple of in-person workshops in my own space. These workshops have a maximum capacity of five students and are, as of now, completely booked. I plan to host them monthly, if possible. If this interests you, and you’d like to be waitlisted or apprised of future such gatherings, please contact me. My home studio is close to the Church Ave B/Q station in Brooklyn. I am also teaching vaccinated students privately in person, as well as online.

In short, yoga continues boldly and consistently as we move into what appears to be more uncertainty. I’m blessed by the continued support of my students. Thanks for visiting.

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