Spring News

Class with Firooza is a little unlike the other classes at the Iyengar Institute. The class size is so large that both teaching studios are used. In attendance are esteemed Institute faculty, other noteworthy teachers from the area, and many devoted students. Firooza acknowledges her students’ commitment while also acknowledging areas where they lack attention or sensitivity. Seeing this powerful educator guide practitioners, who I know from personal experience are formidable teachers themselves, is instructive. More so is the feeling – the zeitgeist of the work – that becomes clear. A bigger picture comes into view as she teaches simple pranayama, but with exacting areas of focus. So too, she guides us through many inversions, waking up the heavy area of the tailbone.

I certainly feel I am in good supportive hands here in New York, but Firooza Ravzi’s workshop helps to get an even broader perspective, and makes me more certain of both my own practice, as well as what I offer my students…

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