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Classes are 1.5 hours unless otherwise noted.

Wednesdays 11am Multilevel

THursdays 8:30AM Fundamentals

Fridays 11am MULTILEVEL

Fridays 6:45pm Multilevel  (Series – contact for info)

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Class descriptions and Registration

Registered students will receive a Zoom link via email a half hour before class. Please reserve as class sizes are limited. Please try to reserve at least an hour prior to class. Please arrive 10 minutes before class. If you are a new student, feel free to reach out to me if you have questions using the form on this page.

Mixed Levels

This class offers poses for Iyengar Yoga students with a wide range of experience. Alternatives for injuries are made, but this class is best suited to practitioners with at least a year of prior Iyengar Yoga experience. Poses covered include backward and forward extensions, and inversions.


A great introduction to the basic postures and actions of Iyengar. Poses covered include fundamental standing poses, basic seated postures and shoulder balance.


Wednesday Multilevel 11am

A 1.5 hour mixed levels class that supports the practice of inversions, standing poses, forward bends, backward extensions and pranayama.


Thursday Fundamentals 8:30am

A traditional level one class in the Iyengar method. We will cover standing postures and other bedrock elements to support a personal practice.


Friday Multilevel 11am

A year of regular Iyengar Yoga study is recommended. Forward and backward extensions, as well as inversions and more refined actions will be taught.


Class Package of 5

Virtual class card with enticing bulk rate.


For Friday night class, Venmo, Zelle and other payment questions, please contact me using this form:


IN Person @ Iyengar Institute of New York

Monday Level 1 9:45-11am

Great for those with no previous yoga experience or seasoned practitioners from other styles who are interested in learning Iyengar Yoga fundamentals.

Friday Level 2 8-9:30am

Build on the level one postures with sirsasana (head balance), shoulder balance variations, back arches, seated forward bends, and more refined instruction.

Register at the Iyengar New York website for these classes.

In Person @ Yogis and Yoginis (432 6th Ave at 9th St in Brooklyn)

Wedesday Level 1/2 5:30-6:45 pm

Sunday Level 1/2 8:15-9:30 am

Register at Yogis and Yoginis website