Fall News

I’m pleased to announced that I’ve passed assessment, and am Certified Iyengar Yoga Techer (CIYT). I previously completed another training in 2009.  This process was far more labor intensive, but very worthwhile. Coming later this fall, I hope to have a lot more offerings at my home studio. Watch this space for a new site and a bit of rebranding.

I continue to teach a wide range of public classes. In my home, I’m going to establish courses, which many might not realize was the way classes were originally sold at the Iyengar Institue of New York. As a matter of fact, though they are no longer explicitly sold that way, they are still taught that way. I’m excited to offer students in my area a bona fide yoga education, as opposed to the casual class.

I’d like to publicly express thanks to the many students, current and former, who helped me to learn and pass my assessment. You are my real teachers!

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