A friend who teaches another style mentioned she wanted to teach more, but felt intimidated because New Yorkers want so much precision in their yoga. I hear this kind of thing from time to time, but Is that really the case? As an Iyengar devotee, I usually feel that flow styles are more popular. Iyengar is a niche market these days.
But what a niche it is! I’ve had a fabulous year teaching people of such a broad range of ages, as well as a broad range of mobility. Those who are more rigid really respond to the clear directions in this method, as do those with common injuries, like meniscus tears. It’s been exciting to see something so meaningful to me help people. And that draws me in even more.
This method makes room for everyone, realy. When I began teaching, I actually felt as though I was going against the grain. Well, actually, that’s not quite true – my first students were friends, and they were really game for what, at the time, was pretty detail-heavy. In fact, these days my teaching is much simpler and more direct. I’ve really been inspired by my mentors these last few years; their teaching has a certain fire that really takes students somewhere. The method, this yoga we do, continues to unfold for me. And my students are perhaps the best teachers of all!